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In today's “green” world, septic system customers are fully aware their septic system represents one of the many ways they interface directly with the environment. A septic system, in modern terms is viewed as an appliance. It performs a service as a part of the lifestyle experience in our homes and businesses. Only with responsible decisions in the care and maintenance of your septic system will ensure a positive impact on precious ground water.

Your septic tank must be pumped regularly. For our customers this happens automatically and at different intervals. How often your septic tank must be pumped is determined by the physical size of your tank ( its volume ), the number of people it supports, the frequency of showers, laundry, flushing, etc., how much inorganic material is introduced, the design and condition of your leaching field and the type of soil in the area of your leaching field.  The accumulated solids in the bottom of the septic tank should be pumped out every three years to prolong the life of your system. On-site systems must be maintained regularly to stay working.

Septic tanks

Neglect or abuse of your system can cause it to fail. Failing systems can:

  • Cause a serious health threat to your family and neighbors,
  • Degrade the environment, especially lakes, streams and groundwater,
  • Reduce the value of your property,
  • Be very expensive to repair,
  • Place thousand of water supply users at risk if you live in a public water supply watershed and fail to maintain your system.

Spanky’s has NAWT Certified Inspectors that have completed a comprehensive onsite sewage treatment systems course covering terminology, treatment, tanks, construction methods, and application, or demonstrate competence in the field prior to qualifying for the inspector training program.  There are only a selected number of professionals throughout the United States and Canada who have successfully completed both courses.  Make sure you use only certified providers.



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